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集团大事记Group Overview
·Aug 1999, the first branch plant was founded and put info production in Chengdu
Wuhou Science and Technology Garden;

·Mar 2002, the second branch plant was founded and put into production in Dongguan City which is praised as Famous Manufacture City of China.
·Aug 2003, the third brand plant was founded and put into production and size is beyond the summation of former two plants
·Mar 2004, Xinyue suite houses series came into the market and joined in the 12th Famous Furniture Exhibition of Dongguan with powerful lineup. A record-breaking success.
·Aug 2004, it took the lead in passing the CQC Environmental Protection Product Certification, ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Certification of board furniture at home.
·Oct 2004, the construction project of Guangzhou Taoyuan kaifaqu Home Young Industry Park was determined. This is another important milestone of Home Young development history;
·Feb 2005, It was awarded the titles such as National Quality Faithful Demonstration Enterprise, National
Quality adas.

·Oct 2005, the National Free Service Hot Line 800 (8009962346) was on service formally;
·Dec 2005, Mr. Zhu Changyuan, board chairman of company was elected as the first chairman after the combination between Chengdu City Furniture Association and Chengdu City Chamber of Commerce. The industry influence reached new high level;
·May 2006, the former three plants were parted as series suite houses industry department, drawing industry department, and Dongguan industry department. Home Young got into the fast developmentphase;
·Jun 2006, the National Free Service Hot Line 400 (4006828899) was on service formally;
·Aug 2006, Heshan Plant o[ Furnin Industry Area, Taoyuan County, Heshan City, Guangdong Province was founded with 1.5 hundred millions and 2,000,000 thousand square meters acerage.
·Nov 2006, the zhaoshanghui of Home Young Group as well as Home Young Group Heshan Plant Business Affairs Annual Conference in 2006 which was named by Heshan Sword Competition was held. Home Young Group started to tend towards the height time with power and splendor when the all-round development new phase was created.
·Dec 2006, president of group Zhu yulun held post of the vice chairman of Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce.
·Aug 2007, Chongqing Home Young Industry Development Co.,Ltd was founded formally.
·November 2007, the chairman of the group Mr. Zhu Changyuan awarded as the representative of 3td People’s Congress of Chongqing City
·July 2008,Home Young Industry Real Estate Yonglong Mountain Project successfully laid the Foundation……