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董事长致词Group Overview
       如果说前几年,我们的发展更多靠的是机遇和埋?#25151;?#24178;的话,那么在经济全球化, “微
       We would never suppose that we could have been developing so fast and moving forward with vigorous strides when the first plant of Home Young was founded in August ]999. What we thought about was only how to hold the temporal excellent opportunity to establish the foundation in society by means of national excellent policies.
       The staffs of Home Young were matured by the market anneal. We possess not only the manufacture base with hundreds thousand of square meters acreage, thousands of employees, numbers of excellent cooperation partners, and also the multi-class development strategy. We have extended our career from one corner in southwest to the southeast coastland, whole nation of China, and even platform of the world! We appreciate the colleagues and cooperation partners who contributed and made suggestions to Home Young. Moreover, we should appreciate the supports and acceptance from government and society.
      We have to accept that our development more depended on the opportunity and hard work in the early years. And when the time of economy globalization and small profits time are coming, we must take the way of strategic development and get victory by difference. And also we would form the strategy union with more excellent cooperation partners tightly depends on our teams.
      We have cognized deeply that to strengthen and extend one enterprise is the best way to return our society from the enterprise which is responsible. We would aspire to offer more employment opportunities and create more wealth for our society. We would do our endeavor to beautify the human dwelling environment and upgrade the human dwelling quality!